Thursday, January 25, 2007

Different Toss, Same Algorithm

Athens, OH dérive- January 24th, 2007 - 31 degrees F

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Start: Ark and Mound
1st Coin Toss: Heads start down Mound - Tails start down Ark. Tossed Heads.
2nd Coin Toss: Heads take a Left - Tails take a Right. Tossed Tails.

1st Left, 1st Right Algorithm

1st Left - onto shortcut alley.
1st Right - onto Carpenter Street shortway back towards Mound.
Next Left - back onto Mound
Next Right - onto main part of Carpenter

I just ended up where I would have if I had walked straight down Mound.

Next Left - what I think is an alley off of Carpenter but it turns into a parking lot. Look around and take some pictures. Walk back out to Carpenter.
Repeat Left - onto 1st Street. I've never been on this street yet it's so close to home. Steep street. No sidewalk. Cemetary on the left.
Next Right - Walker Street. Still no sidewalk. No Outlet sign ahead but....
Next Left - I turn before entering the No Outlet. Interesting road layout. Two lefts onto roads nearly parallel. I take the 1st left according to algorithm. I'm not really sure what road I'm on. West Hills Road above.

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The two roads combined again.

Next Right - onto Slaughter Road.
Next Left - onto Rardin Avenue. Quite road with 70's style homes. Seems as if it is a thru street for traffic.
Forced to turn Left onto Schafer. Sidewalk starts.
Next Right - onto Clarke Street.
Next Left - onto Central Avenue. Pass West Elementary. A few kids sledding.
Next Right - onto West State Street which leads directly to the power plant and no outlet. I take a Left instead. I will take Next Right due to forced Left. Pass the infamous Miller's Chicken.
Next Right - back onto Schafer Street. Pass a restaurant (Mistretta's) and see a new store, Beads & Things. The University Commons on the Right.
Next Left - Washington Street. Passed the West End Tavern - whatever happened to West End Tavern? Lots of alleys on the Left but none on the Right. I pass the girl who was running he camera from the lecture las night.
Next Right - onto Maple Street. Cross paths with old man I passed on West Hills Street. Is he on a
dérive too?
Next Left - into an alley. I think twice about going down it. Maybe it's another parking lot, or a place I'm not suppose to be.
Next Right - another alley with two loudly whining beagles.
Next Left - onto Byard Street. Quiet but void of office building and storage?
Next Right - Smith Street. Very quick and then a turn onto....
Next Left - Foster Place. A abandoned looking, very large home on the Right.
Forced Right - Interesting homes across from each other. One is very run down and the other is a brand new apartment type building.
Next Right - onto Union Street.
Next Left - onto Factory Street. Now out of neighborhood and into Ohio University facility buildings.
Next Right - Moore Street. Feels more like an alley or thruway than a road.
Next Left - onto S. Schafer Street. Bank on the left and practice fields on the right. Hospital after fields. Following the river and bike path.

End at Richland and Schafer.

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